czwartek, 10 września 2009


Jean Luc Moerman, belgijski artysta. Opetany wizja wewnetrznych eksplozji przejawiajacych sie rysami na cialach, przedmiotach, uczuciach.
"I keep and file the photos of human bodies on which I have created tattoos. At the outset, they are projects for real tattoos. Projects I file. These magazine photos are in my eyes positioned at the junction of an ancestral practice – tattoos as protection or convocation of the spirits, or tribal signs, or a descendancy – and this plastic beauty in magazines, having become virtual by being re-worked on a computer. Women identify with these girls who could be described as not really existing at all in real terms. I have the impression that all these ancestral practices which we have somewhat forgotten in the west are re-emerging in other ways. Design and tattooing sometimes give me the impression of bringing together certain things, often invisible things. In the beginning I look for something, and then afterwards it looks for me. In the end, this thing becomes autonomous, charged with energy. There is also this dimension in the stickers, but this is less complex and less precise."